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Nature Box – Beauty with a conscience {Brand Review}

Raise your hand if you haven’t been to a hair salon in what feels like 17yrs at this stage? *Simone raises hand* I am in desperate need of a trim and a colour and and and….. Alas, without the benefits of my favourite hairdresser, whilst under lockdown, I am relying on good products to nourish and condition my hair. I was recently sent some products from Nature Box to try out, and off the bat, the packaging really impressed me. However, once I dug deeper though, I realised that Nature Box is not just a pretty face…….

What is Nature Box about?

Holistic beauty and all-round positivity. Nature Box combines ethical and sustainable practices with effective beauty care for a holistic approach to beauty that is a gamechanger.

Nature Box is also about pursuing better health and wellness, while respecting life, by adopting animal-free and chemical-free choices. It harnesses the naturally prolific vitamins and antioxidants sourced from 100 percent cold-pressed fruit and nut oils. Every product in the range is vegan and free of silicones, artificial colouring, sulfates and parabens.

Alluding to the social media trend “Unboxing”, Unbox the natural beauty of hair and skin!

What this about cold pressed oils?

Nature Box’s four product lines all contain cold-pressed oils extracted from fruit seeds and nuts: Avocado, Coconut, Apricot and Almond. Cold pressing is the most efficient extraction process, allowing the oil’s essential nutrients to be entirely preserved to deliver a nutritional punch to the hair and skin. Nature Box products are neither refined nor processed, meaning all their valuable vitamins in the oils, such as A, B, C, D and E, as well as antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, are not lost.

The product range, of a total of 18 items, includes ten hair care and eight body care products. The full product portfolio includes shampoo, conditioner and hair serum, and shower gel, body scrub and, body lotion in the body care range.

The Avocado Range

I received a few hair and body products from the avocado range to review. This range promises to provide deep repair to hair and skin, something I welcome in these winter months. Today, I thought I’d share some of my first impressions with you.

Nature Box Shampoo Review

Nature Box Avocado Shampoo and  Conditioner 385ml {RSP 119.99}

Nature Box Shampoo, is formulated from 84% natural ingredients, including antioxidant-rich cold pressed avocado oil, which helps repair split ends and restore your hair’s overall condition.

I know some people only use Sulfate free shampoos, but honestly, they make me nervous. I have the type of hair that needs an exorbitant amount of bubbles to make sure it’s been cleaned properly. I need not have worried, because the Nature Box shampoo foams beautifully and my hair felt really clean, but not stripped, which is also important.

The conditioner really softened my hair and it felt silky smooth and soft after rinsing. I feel like this is a really rich duo, so if you have very dry/damaged hair, I think that your hair will LOVE this formula and will literally drink it up!

Nature Box Avocado Secret Repair Cream 150ml {RSP 99.99}

The Secret Repair Cream is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that repair hair and protect split ends. This cream is also free from silicones and artificial colourants.

What I like about this is that it’s a multipurpose product. You can either use it as a treatment and rinse it out after just 30 seconds (so it’s easy to use in the shower and save time), or you can use it as a leave in type of treatment.Nature Box Shower Gel Review

Nature Box Avocado Shower Gel 385ml {RSP 69.99}

Gals…I love avocado on toast….so to now also have it on my body and hair, I mean…yay! This shower gel is also pH skin neutral and dermatologically tested. It foams well and, some of you may know that I have really sensitive skin…and this does not cause any itching or irritation. Also, the scent (of the whole range in fact) is amazing, it’s very light and fresh.

Lastly, I also received the Nature Box Avocado Body Scrub {RSP 89.99} to try out, but I have not managed to use it yet. I will update you as soon as I manage to.

Nature Box is now available at leading retailers and online with hair care products from R69.00 and body care products from R119.99. Just a heads up….the range is currently on a 3-for-2 promotion at Clicks until 19 August 2020!

Does Nature Box sound like something you’d like to try? 

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in PR to review, but all opinions are my own. 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Venea

    This looks like such an interesting range… I’ll definitely pop some of these in my cart! I’m really keen to smell this! Just the look of this bottle makes me want to smell the we page 😂. PS. I also really need to go for a trim!

  • Melissa

    I did not know this brand even existed 🙀 I am super glad (as well as my eczema prone scalp) that you have reviewed this. Definitely will be purchasing this next.

  • Donna Moodley

    hey moni.. its been a while. I’ve seen this on the shelves and was so tempted to try it.well it sounds amazing
    well im an avo girl too lol.. so why not use it for my skin and hair.
    Nehara’s hair needs something new since we moved to Jozi and this sounds amazing.
    I definitely would like to try this

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