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Best new pre-schooler books we’re loving! {Kid’s book review}

Some of my favourite moments are spent reading with my kids… Adam goes through phases where we need to read 3 books over and over, every night for a week. Then we’ll go a week without reading, when one night he’ll jump up and ask: Where’s our ‘nosey’ book? Our ‘nosey’ book being, I Love You To The Moon and Back, by Amelia Hepworth. Currently we have a few circulating and I thought I’d share some of Adam’s current faves. These new pre-schooler books will make fabulous gifts. Christmas is coming up and I hope you’ll be adding a book or 7 to the stockings 😉I love you to the moon and back

I Love You To The Moon and Back

The sun rises, and a bear and cub begin their day together. They splash in the water, climb mountains, watch the colorful lights in the shimmering sky, and play with friends. They show their love for each other by touching noses, chasing each other, and, of course, hugging and snuggling before bed. A sweet, gentle rhyme, perfect for sharing with a special little one.

Ah this book is such a special one. I just want to hold all my kids close by while we’re reading this. What I enjoy about this one is that the pages are cardboard, so it’s perfect for a very little one. Then the sentences are also nice and short, so Adam can recite most of the book back to me before we even turn the page. The best part…is ‘making nosey’ when we get to that page.

I See a Rhinoceros

I See a Rhinoceros

I See a Rhinoceros  tells the tale of a gentle rhinoceros who turns the brightest shade of pink. When the other animals confront him about his unusual colour, he denies that anything is wrong. Being curious, the animals investigate, and soon realise that Rhino is eating large quantities of fruit, especially red berries. They persuade him to change his diet to include greenery. Soon Rhino is back to his natural grey colouring. But when his desire for juicy red berries gets the better of him, his tail turns pink, and Rhino knows it is time to stop.

The illustrations in this book are so bright and colourful and we also love how expressive all the animals are as they try to figure out why Rhino is as pink as he is.

Pre-Schooler books


Ten Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur

Written specifically for bedtime, this story is full of muddy puddles, tropical birds, erupting volcanoes… and one fun-loving little dinosaur.

Crashing through the jungle, Rumble the triceratops is off on an adventure! Weaving a journey from lively beginning to gentle end, the ten minute countdown to bed is at the heart of this adorable, heartwarming story. This beautifully illustrated picture book is the perfect length for sending little ones off to sleep.

Another favourite of our pre-schooler books, is from the Ten Minutes to Bedtime series. I didn’t even know that there are a whole series of ‘Ten Minutes to Bed’ books and Adam has declared that he wants ALL of them. Of course you do Adam….

This book is so beautifully illustrated and I love how realistic it is, because heaven knows in 10 minutes before bed, my kids could actually find an erupting volcano to tamper with. lol. A really cute story and perfect for bedtime, this one gets our thumbs up!

Pre schooler books

Peppa Loves Doctors and Nurses

It’s People Who Help Us day at playgroup, so Peppa and her friends get a very special visit from Dr Brown Bear and Nurse Fox!

They’ve come to show the children how to keep fit, eat healthy snacks and, most importantly, always remember to wash their hands! Then the children get to have a go at playing doctors and nurses, too…

Does Peppa Pig even need a story line for kids? Adam just needs to see Peppa Pig and he is excited! What I liked about this book is the ‘wash your hands’ song is very appropriate considering the time we are living in now. Also Adam enjoyed allocating a name to all the characters from his real life… He was George, his cousin was Peppa, his brother he thought was really funny to assign to the female bunny.

This is a round up of the pre-schooler books we’ve been enjoying in our home during the last few months. Let me know which books your kids are loving at the moment!

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These books are available from all leading book retailers, like Bargain Books SA.

Disclaimer: These books were sent to us by Penguin Books SA in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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