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Toy Story – The adventure continues at home! {Gift Ideas}

A friend of mine asked me about 3 weeks ago: “So what are you planning to get the kids for Christmas?“. I almost spat my coffee out….I mean, Christmas is MONTHS away. Only…….it’s NOT! So recently I’ve been trying to spot some specials and to start thinking a bit about what I’ll be getting the kids for Christmas. Ahead of Christmas…silly season, I love discovering new toys that make my (and hopefully your) shopping experience a bit easier. Today we’re chatting about the new Disney-Pixar Toy Story range!

#ButFirst, Story time

Toy Story, way back…around 2011, was Addison’s all time favourite movie! We watched the movie over and over and over. One day, AFTER Christmas, just before New Year, we took Addison to Game stores. There she spotted one lonely Buzz on the shelf. I can’t recall many times that Addison tantrummed in a shop demanding something, but that day?? Wowser. She REFUSED point blank to let go of that Buzz. I’m sure he cost around R500-R800….a lot of money for us, especially after Christmas, there just ain’t cash. Needless to say, toddler won that round and we left Game…broke as anything with the happiest toddler you’ve ever met!

Toy Story Toy Review

That Buzz has been Addison’s toy, Joshua’s toy…and eventually Adam’s toy. Somebody broke his arm off recently though….but I reckon Buzz stood the test of time 🙂

Toy Story 4 was also the first movie that Adam went to see at the cinema. So a lot of memories around the Toy Story crew in our household 🙂 Now on to the good stuff!

What is the Disney Pixar Toy Story Range about?

Recreate big Disney•Pixar Toy Story 4 adventures with six action figures together. This exciting character collection of road trip friends includes Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky®, Jessie and Forky in movie-inspired relative scale. Each figure is highly posable for big action play! Recreate the movie’s vacation scenes at home and on your next vacation! This giftset is value priced and makes a special present for your favorite Toy Story fans. Comes in true-to-movie RV packaging.

Colors and decorations may vary.

Jessie Toy Story

What’s great about it?

In my opinion, our kids are not spending enough time, using their imagination. They are all about You Tube, their iPad’s, etc…. I love the idea of having an ‘instant’ Toy Story character collection, for my kids to play with, act out scenes and there’s more than 1 figurine so they don’t have fight over them! That’s a win right there!!

Playing with toys stimulate the imagination and creativity, and I think also gives you a peek into the child’s self esteem. What sort of role plays are they doing, etc. These sets are definitely a great option for birthday or Christmas gifts for the kid who is as Toy Story obsessed as Addison was 😉

Do you have Toy Story obsessed kids in your home? 

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