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Imaginext MegaBite Shark Review {Gift Ideas}

Have you started considering what you’re getting the kids for Christmas? December is so difficult for me, because I have my son’s birthday 5 days before and my own birthday, 2 days before Christmas. In order to give my son enough attention on his birthday, I need to plan Christmas well in advance. If I don’t, even my own birthday does not get celebrated, because I’m running around shopping! Hopefully all the toy and game reviews I’ve been posting will help make your gift shopping a bit easier 😉 Mattel recently sent the Imaginext MegaBite Shark over recently and Adam was ECSTATIC! Ecstatic ain’t even the word…. this toy, is one for the books! MegaBite Shark

What is the Imaginext MegaBite Shark?

It’s big, it’s fierce, and it can swallow scuba divers whole It’s the Imaginext® Mega Bite Sharkâ„¢! Kids can create awesome underwater adventures with this roll-along toy shark, which features realistic swimming motion and super-cool chomping action. See the shark open up and ‘swallow’ the scuba diver, then retrieve the figure from the door in the back! Imaginext® Imagine What’s Next!â„¢

  • Large toy shark with scuba diver figure, cage, and accessories
  • Roll the shark along to see its head and fin move in a realistic swimming motion!
  • Press the Power Pad for awesome chomping action
  • Open the shark’s mouth, swallow the diver, then retrieve the figure to start again!
  • For kids ages 3-8 years
MegaBite Shark

Why do we love it?

I sound like a broken record, but I always love finding toys that take my kids away from their phones or gaming consoles. The Imaginext MegaBite Shark definitely grabs the attention of my kid! He played with this shark for hours and hours on the day we opened it. When we had a pool day, there MegaBite Shark was, trying to eat the walls and everything in site. As sharks do apparently.

Besides being interactive, this toy is really well made. I’m so sick of paying for toys and on the same day, a wheel falls off or something tears. Our shark has been put through the ringer, and he is still perfectly intact! The toy feels durable and strong, so that’s something I appreciate….you can feel that it’s a good quality toy. It’s also a really nice size.

Lastly, I love that kids can play with this on land, in the bath, in the pool….basically anywhere!

Pricing and Stockist

The Imaginext MegaBite Shark is available on Takealot and retails for around R579, though I’ve seen it on sale for around R100 cheaper.

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