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Game Kids Gift Guide: How to UnGrump your kids!

Am I the only one who gets jealous of all the toy options that the kids of 2020 have? Kid Simone of 1990 was missing out big time! One would think we’ve seen it all already, but paging through the Game Kids Gift Guide, ‘Ungrump your kids pamphlet’ recently, I realise that I have definitely NOT seen it all! Game has such an incredible range of toys, and honestly, every year….usually on the 24th, I am running through the aisles looking for a last minute gift. Whether you’re looking for something educational, fun….or a bit of both, I think Game has got you covered!

In today’s post, I thought I’d share some of the gifts that caught my eye for my kids. My hope is that this Game kids gift guide will make your Christmas shopping a bit easier this year!

Sparkle Girlz 80 Piece Styling Head Promo Pack {RSP R399}

Addison used to LOVE these styling heads when she was little. Even now at age 12, if I brought this home for her….she’d be a happy kid! What I love about the Sparkle Girlz one, is that the hair is able to be softened and detangled! There’s a technique provided on how to do that, and that makes this one stand a ‘head’ above the rest for me;) No more chucky hair!

Little Shopping Market {RSP R499}

Adam has a little kitchen and he is absolutely OBSESSED with it! The Little Shopping Market would be the perfect addition to his toy collection, because I, and evidently Adam too, love interactive toys. This one also will teach him the concept of money for the exchange of goods, so this one is a winner in my books! Zuru Robo Alive Raptor

ZURU Robo Alive Robotic Raptor {RSP249.99}

My boys are dinosaur obsessed, and after seeing this T Rex in action over HERE, I know that I have to make sure Santa drops this under the tree this year! It’s just such a cool toy, and I think at the price, definitely an affordable option to bring joy (and a bit of terror) to your kid this festive season. Shox Drone

SHOX Drone {RSP R799}

Joshua is a kid that is so into technology and gaming, so it takes a lot to impress him. He has asked for a drone a few times now, so I am thinking the Shox Drone would be the perfect gift, providing hours of fun. Also, a drone is excellent to for improving hand-eye coordination, so a bit of an educational aspect to it too!

Avengers 15cm Movie Figurines {RSP R399}

We are HUGE Avengers fans in our household! Every year, without fail….we are at Game, trying to find more Avenger figurines for the boys. They have the best selection of figurines, and they are honestly our go-too for these. I really love for the boys to play with figurines, because it encourages role playing and creativity. So as much as toys are fun, there’s always a learning element too. Super sneaky right?

That’s it for my kids gift guide from Game! There’s so much more in store…. books, gaming, boardgames…and and and! You can check out the full pamphlet over HERE, and get Santa’s list ready 🙂 Spot anything that you think your kid may enjoy?

*Sponsored, but all opinions and experiences mentioned, are my own. 



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