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Revlon Salon One-Step Hairdryer & Volumiser {Product Review & Comparison}

I bet those of you who are subscribed are thinking: Wow, actually something non-book related??? I’m sorry guys and gals….the mojo has been low, but I’m hoping that I’ll be putting together some more review posts going forward. #FingersCrossed! A review of the Revlon Hairdryer is LONG overdue, seeing as I’ve had mine for about a year and a half now….

(Apologies in advance for the pics, because as you can see, my hairdryer is quite used already)

Okay, so what is the Revlon Salon One-Step Hairdryer & Volumiser?

Revlon Salon One Step Hairdryer & Volumiser streamlines the hairstyling process by combining the power and function of a hairdryer with that of a styler. A ceramic coating and ionic technology limits damage and frizzing for silky smooth results each time.Ā 

That name right??? I need a drink of water after that! So basically the Revlon Hairdryer is exactly what the name says, a One-Step Hairdryer. One step why? Well, because the brush is attached to the dryer… it’s basically all that you need.

Addison had spotted the hairdryer on You Tube and asked for one, so I think we got it for her for Christmas in 2019. I was hoping that this would mean I was no longer responsible for blow drying her hair, but alas….. that’s still this mama’s job šŸ™

What I love about the Revlon Hairdryer

  • The Convenience – I no longer have to hunt for a brush when I want to blow dry my hair, because, as I mentioned, the brush is attached to the dryer.
  • Cost saving – I spent an exorbitant amount of money on blow dry brushes every 3 months, because they melt so quickly! I have not bought one blow dry brush in the last 1.5yrs.
  • Time saving – I’ve cut down my blow dry time from about half an hour to 15 minutes, and my hair is most of the way down my back.
  • Design – It took about 2 uses to get the hang of it, but the design is really comfortable and easy to use once you figure it out.

Is there anything that I don’t love?

The only thing that I can think about is that I have never cleaned my brush (besides cleaning the hair out between the bristles). Usually we wash our brushes, and I worry about my daughter covering her hair in coconut oil, using the hairdryer and the brush then being oily. That’s NEVER happened, but ya, I do wish I could give it a good ol soak and wash.

Do I get a sleek blow dry?

Once you master the blowdrying technique, yes you will get a sleek blow dry. However, if, like myself or my daughter, you have kinky hair or more coarse hair with kinky roots, you will/may need to go in with a flat iron afterwards.

I feel like this is more suited to at least below shoulder length hair, as the brush is quite big. It’s perfect for me, because I do have long hair. I hope they’ll come out with a smaller version for people with shorter hair.Revlon Hairdryer review

Comparing the Revlon Hairdryer to the Safeway version

I had the opportunity to try out a friend’s Safeway version and I found the Revlon superior in terms of ergonomics, how it felt in my hand. Also at the very top/tip of the brush, the Revlon has a bit of a mound that you can use to hold on to. I rely on that a lot for twisting the hair and just ‘balancing’… The Safeway’s ‘tip’ I found to be shorter and slippery, so I couldn’t get the best grip when I needed it. This may not make ANY sense to you, but I’ll try to explain it in a video on Instagram.

Otherwise, they both have 2 heat settings. The highest heat felt similar on both of them (I cannot find the wattage online to say for certain that they are the same). I do feel that the Safeway bristles looked more ‘used’ compared to my Revlon, but that could be due to my friend possibly using hers more often than we do.

I’ve looked at pictures of a few of the generic versions of the Revlon Hairdryer online, and the tip is the main difference in terms of looks. I know that tip is important for me, so I think that’s the biggest difference.


The Revlon Hairdryer retails for around R949. I got mine on a whopping 40% off promotion at Clicks when I bought it, so definitely well worth the money!

Muslim readers please note: The brush does contain boar hair!

This was a long, unstructured and chatty post…..but I wanted to make sure I covered everything for you. If you have anymore questions, please feel free to comment below and I’ll assist if I can. Also, if you have shorter hair and it works for you, please let me know.

More hair related posts? I always use an Ellips capsule before I use heat on my hair. For more on what these capsules are about and which one is right for you, head to THIS post.


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    • Lara

      I’m so undecided on getting one of these brushes. My hairdresser said it won’t work for my thick, coarse hair. I see Revlon have come out with 2 new brushes, an upgraded brush in red and a smaller brush for short hair

      • Donna

        Loved your review my friend and definitely something to look at for nehara to make things a bit easier for me… for her when she starts doing her own hair. The irony was that I cam on here to search for the review on this and boom… always love reading although it’s been a while i know.

  • Marianne

    Hi ! Thanks for this review šŸ™‚ I just bought it but I haven’t tried it on my hair yet. For now I’ve just turned it on to see how the heat felt and when I put it on the cool setting the air wasn’t actually cool but a little warm. It is the same for you or do you have actual cool air coming out of it? Just checking if mine is normal haha !

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