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Genie and Teeny Make a Wish {Kids Book Review}

All kids love a good Genie in a bottle story right? Well….Genie in a cracked teapot in the case of Genie and Teeny make a Wish….but I mean, same thing 😉

What is Genie and Teeny make a Wish about?

The first in a series of magical adventures from the renowned illustrator, Steven Lenton, winner of Waterstones Picture Book of the Month and the Times Children’s Book of the Week.

When Grant the Genie is cast out of Genie World, he lands on Earth with a big, fat bump! Without a lamp to call home, he has to settle for an old cracked teapot instead.

Grant is very lonely until he meets the puppy, Teeny. Then Genie and Teeny are kidnapped by the evil purple-loving Lavinia Lavender, and find themselves on-course for a rollercoaster of an adventure – when all they really want is a place to call home…

Genie and Teeny Make a Wish

Our thoughts

This series is aimed at 5-8yr olds, so it’s perfect for little readers who are learning to read, as well as readers who are trying to build their confidence. I personally think this one is perfect for kids in Grade 1-3. Joshua is a bit over the target age group for this book (he’s 9), but I thought it was the perfect filler book for him to read at school. We have to send a book when they write exams, so once they are done with their paper, they need to read, doodle, colour, study, etc. Joshua loves having a book to read, just to decompress, so this was light and simple enough for him to finish before the bell rang. He actually enjoyed it so much, that he read it TWICE! Now that’s quite the recommendation right?

I think the black and white illustrations are so well done and so amusing! Also, the writing style is really fun and inclusive for the child. The narrating style is as if the narrator is talking to the child….so that’s a really fun element to the reading experience. I also like that this is a series, so the kids will look forward to the new books every few months.

Joshua thought the book was really funny and he enjoyed the adventure that Genie and Teeny took him on. Genie and Teeny make a Wish definitely gets 2 thumbs up from us!

Genie and Teeny Make a Wish is available at all leading book retailers and retails for around R180.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us by Jonathan Ball Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


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