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Gigantosaurus: The Groundwobbler {Kids Book Review}

Do your kids love books that are based on a show that they watch? I think it just elevates their interest so much more in a book, when they recognise the characters already! Today’s review is based on a tv show, and it’s so fun to see these characters from the book, come to life on a screen! I’m reviewing Gigantosaurus The Groundwobbler, and if you want to see a clip of the show that relates to this book, click over HERE.

What is Gigantosaurus The Groundwobbler about?

Watch out for that giant crack in the ground! Will the dino friends make it back home? An exciting Gigantosaurus adventure.

The little dinosaurs are playing in the hot springs when a nearby groundwobbler causes an enormous crack to open up in the earth, separating Mazu, Rocky, Bill, and Tiny from home. Will the dinos figure out a way to make it across the crevice? And what will they do once Giganto appears?

An engaging episode inspired by the Gigantosaurus™ TV series on Disney Junior.Gigantosaurus

Our Thoughts

Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the Gigantosaurus series before, as we don’t have DSTV. When we received this book, I googled and found some clips on YouTube, and I have to say….We really enjoy this dinosaur squad! They are super funny and the series isn’t too ‘baby-ish’, so Adam and Joshua I think would actually both enjoy it. Watching one or two clips (if you’re not familiar with the series), really brings the characters in this book to life.

The book’s illustrations are bright and fun, as well done as the scenes appears on the screen.  Great illustrations and a fun adventure, makes for a great reading experience for kids! This is great for your preschooler, as well as your early readers….so you can put this book to good use for a child over a 2-3 year period in my opinion.

Gigantosaurus The Groundwobbler retails for around R195 (currently on sale on, and is available at all leading book retailers.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to us for review by Jonathan Ball Publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

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