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Some great Afrikaans books for kids!

Afrikaans is like a swear word in our home…well when it comes to the kids. My kids CANNOT speak Afrikaans. I’ve realised we have definitely neglected encouraging them to read Afrikaans, and as a result, their comprehension of the language is a bit shocking. #ParentingFail! To improve matters, I’m definitely trying to get them to read more Afrikaans. In today’s post, I’ll share some Afrikaans books for kids, that will potentially help your kids too 😉

Perseus, by Martha Snyman (RSP R145)

Hy kan vlieg. Hy kan planne maak. Hy kan met nare mense se gal werk. Hy en sy swaard skrik nie vir monsters nie. Sy naam is Perseus – ’n superheld van lank gelede. Jy sal mal wees oor sy storie!

My thoughts

I’ll admit that when Joshua started reading this, he had NO idea what language this was! It was hilarious to see his confusion when I explained that it was indeed Afrikaans. The story takes place in Greece, so the names are Greek…literally and figuratively! Add that to saying them in Afrikaans and it may seem a bit above your head when you’re 9yrs old. This is a bit too advanced for Joshua, not in terms of reading skills, but just comprehension. I reckon this is more suited to kids in Grade 6 and 7.

Buy Perseus over HERE.Diere verkenners

Diere Verkenners – Tobie Die Diepseeduiker, by Jaco Jacobs (RSP R155)

Aandag alle avonturiers!
Die Diereverkenners-reeks is ‘n inspirasie om jou drome na te jaag. Tobie is ‘n jong tier wat daarvan droom om die donkerste dieptes van die oseaan te verken. Al wat hy nodig het, is waagmoed, deursettingsvermoë – en ‘n tuisgemaakte duikboot! Kom saam met Tobie op ‘n pretbelaaide avontuur, en ontdek daarna die inspirerende verhale van drie regte oseaanverkenners.

Met pragtige, skerp illustrasies en stories wat op ware verkenners gebaseer is, is Diereverkenners ‘n reeks wat kinders sal inspireer om hulle drome te volg.

My thoughts

This book is so beautifully illustrated and a great book for kids of all ages. Adam will enjoy the beautiful illustrations; for Joshua this one is quite age (for a 2nd language) appropriate, and even Addison would be able to read this. The book deals with adventure, discovery…and also a lesson in ocean pollution, a great addition to your kid’s bookshelf!

Buy Diere Verkenners – Tobie Die Diepseeduiker over HERE.

Loop Lag-Lag Deur die Wetenskapklas (RSP R115)

27 getoorde resepte wat jou gaan laat lag terwyl jy leer!

Verveel jou gewone skoolhandboeke jou? Maar is jy nuuskierig en wonder jy hoe die wêreld rondom jou werk? Dan is hierdie die boek vir jou! Len, Lara en Leon is die nuuskierigste kinders op aarde. Hulle vra gedurig vrae en wonder hoekom dinge werk soos dit werk. Hulle doen eksperimente en leer baie oor lugdruk, swaartekrag en energie. Hulle doen dit lag-lag, want hulle kan nie help om mekaar poetse te bak soos hulle speel-speel slim word nie!

Hierdie is ‘n unieke boek wat 27 eksperimente bevat wat in strokiesprentformaat aangebied word.

My Thoughts

There’s nothing like a combination of fun AND education right? Kids love experiments, especially easy ones….so this book is perfect for young enquiring minds. The experiments are simple and most of them can be done with what’s lying around the house…..and best of all, it’s in Afrikaans. So science/maths, some fun….and improving their Afrikaans skills? it’s a win-win for me! This is definitely a great book to have on the bookshelf.

Buy Loop Lag-Lag Deur Die Wetenskapklas over HERE.

This was a round up of some of the Afrikaans books that I have for my kids! Let me know how you go about improving your kid’s grasp of their 2nd….and even 3rd language! This mama needs all the tips she can get!

Disclaimer: These books were sent to me by Lapa Uitgewers and Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 



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