Barbie Fashionista

The new diverse Barbie Fashionista range!

What would your 10yr old self have done if you realised that a ‘friend’ stole one of your Barbie dolls? Guys, my collection was my life… when I noticed my missing doll at my friend’s house, I knew confrontation was not the answer. Stealing it back and hiding it under my t-shirt as I left…..that was the way to go! Right??? I was so cross with that girl for so long, but I also know….kids love Barbie, so I couldn’t blame her for wanting one! Every time my parents gave me the option of a reward for a good report….I chose a Barbie doll. We’d head over to Dions and I’d spend hours in the aisle looking for the perfect one. I loved my Barbie doll collection, probably past the age that I was supposed to be playing with Barbie, but don’t tell anybody šŸ˜‰ The brand just brings back all kinds of memories…..

Barbie was, and remains a cult favourite…..but thinking back, if I could have found one, that looked more like me, I wonder how that would have shaped my thinking and my confidence levels as a child…. Thankfully, in 2021, our kids are spoilt for choice and the Barbie brand is now diverse, inclusive and representative! Barbie Fashionista

Limitless Aspirations

A world where children can see their limitless aspirations reflected in the plastic they handle is a world we also want to play in, and as such,Ā Barbie has been a film director, entrepreneur, robotics engineer, video game developer and a judge. BarbieĀ is continuing its journey to represent global diversity and inclusivity in the fashion doll aisle with a new FashionistaĀ lineup, including Ken in a wheelchair, Ken with rooted hair reflecting an afro andĀ BarbieĀ with lighter skin with vitiligo ā€“ all forĀ the first time.

Earlier this year theĀ BarbieĀ brand was named the 2020 top global toy property of the year by the NPD Group, a leadingĀ global information company in recognition of its diversity efforts.

Can you imagine a little girl/boy in a wheelchair now being able to pick a Barbie off the shelf, who is also in a wheelchair? Or a child who lost their hair because of chemotherapy…..finding a Barbie who has no hair? A young kid with vitiligo??? The little girl who has only seen blonde, blue eyed dolls on the shelf, now being able to pick up a doll with all the melanin in her skin, with an afro fit for a queen on her head….imagine the wonder and joy and being able to identify with BARBIE!Ā  Short, tall, curvy, petite, brown, white….there’s a Barbie for everyone of us gals!

The Barbie Fashionista range is available at all leading toy retailers.


Iā€™m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!

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