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Learn to Read with Tippie the Elephant {Level 3}

Anybody have a kid starting Grade 1 in 2022?? I can’t even believe that my lastborn, my baby is starting Grade 1 this year! I’m going to try to not get emotional about it in this post, but come the 18th of January, mama is going to be crying all of the tears! I’ve taken leave, just to spend the day crying 🙁

With starting ‘big school’ comes the task of learning to read!!!!!!!!!!! This aspect of school has always given me nightmares, but thankfully it went well with my first 2….but still I get anxious. Shockingly, I discovered Adam actually reads a few words already….apparently You Tube taught him…go figure! All that excessive unsupervised screen time really pays off 😉 I’m a huge advocate of raising reading kids, and I also enjoy collecting book sets that seemingly makes the job a bit easier. When we were sent the Learn to Read with Tippie (Level 3) box set, I was really excited to add it to our ‘little reader’ collection.Learn to read with Tippie

What is Learn to Read with Tippie about?

Level 3 introduces readers to long vowel sounds through repetition and exposure. The level 3 books are progressive and encourage learning of vowel combinations and rules.

The next 10 Tippie adventures are proudly South African and build on the skills acquired in the previous levels. The text is supported by colourful, engaging illustrations to support comprehension and the learning of long vowel sounds. Additionally, the stories have been written to encourage inference and problem solving through the stories and images to enhance the reader’s skill and fun!Learn to read with Tippie

My Thoughts

The Learn to read with Tippie books actually start at Grade R level, and the kid then works their way through Level 1 to 4. I love that the series is progressive in that regard.

The books contain bright illustrations and I like that the sound being emphasized is highlighted in each book. At the back of each book are also activities to reinforce what was learnt in the book. I’m definitely planning to pick up Level 1 for Adam before school starts, as Level 3 is too advanced for him at this stage, but when the time comes, I am so glad that we have this in our arsenal!

The Learn to Read with Tippie Boxsets are available at all leading book retailers, and I’ve spotted them for around R329 on Reader’s Warehouse, which works out to just over R30 per book! What a bargain right??

Additionally, I found this really helpful video on You Tube with tips on how to use the books.

Disclaimer: These books were sent to us by Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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