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My Top 5 Cleaning products guaranteed to make your job easier!

In 2020, with no cleaning help, many of realised that we were actually able to clean our own homes! I mean, I may speak for myself, but it was quite the epiphany! I also found that, depending on my frame of mind, I quite enjoyed the cleaning. In 2022, the enjoyment has kind of left me and I do find myself craving full time help again, but no point wallowing right? Some days, I really do enjoy cleaning….some days, I don’t…but no matter what my mood, I always reach for the same cleaning products/items that make my job a little easier or more bearable! In today’s post I thought I’d share my faves with you 🙂

Side bar: I never want people to think that cleaning needs to be fancy or trendy! The truth is that you can do everything with a cheap cloth/sponge and one multipurpose cleaner. So please don’t feel like you NEED these items, most of them are ‘nice-to-haves’, though for me, I can’t go without.

Scrub Mommy

SCRUB, FLIP, WIPE – Scrub Mommy is a two-sided sponge, with each side performing a different role. Use the FlexTexture side to scrub off debris, then flip it and use the soft ResoFoam side to soak up liquids and wipe the surface dry.

You may have noticed these cute sponges in the aisle at Checkers, Verimark, Spar….they’re literally everywhere. I bought my first Scrub Mommy from Bristles and Boxes, and she has changed my life! I can’t use anything else to wash my dishes at this stage. The scrub mommy fits into ANY glass and she gets rid of any residue at the bottom (like milk!!! yuck!) and that is the primary reason that I am obsessed with her. I can use her textured side for stubborn stains and I can also wipe down my sink/countertops with her foam side.


Zoflora Disinfectant

Zoflora is a versatile concentrated disinfectant that you can use all over the house. It claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and eliminate foul odours with a freshening power that will last all day.

Zoflora took South Africa by storm in 2020! A versatile disinfectant that kills germs, even claims to kill Covid-19…and smells amazing while doing all of this! Once I got my first sniff of Zolfora, I was HOOKED! The ways to use Zoflora is endless! I use it in my drains, in my laundry, to disinfect my bathrooms, couches, to mop the floors, to wipe all surfaces down….honestly, the list is endless! My favourite scents are Linen Fresh, Twilight Garden and White Blossom.

I purchase my Zoflora from Bristles and Boxes, who also stocks Scrub Mommy, Scrub Daddy, Minky and The Pink Stuff.Black and decker

BLACK+DECKER 7.2V Cordless Wet & Dry Dustbuster Hand Vacuum

The BLACK+DECKER cordless Dustbuster® is just what you need for those quick pick-ups, always ready to use when you need it. The lightweight compact design helps you clean even the most awkward places in no time. Spilled a cup of juice, water, or have a liquid spillage? No problem, this wet & dry vacuum can even pick up liquid spills. Easily charge the device with the useful indicator light. With 10mins runtime, vacuum those unexpected messes. Comes with a push in brush and squeegee. Life is for living not cleaning.

I don’t know how I went 40yrs without owning a Dustbuster! This little appliance is my best friend in my house. I can use it for any random spills, in the car and to suck up all my ‘sweep to the corner’ dirt. My husband always used to ask me who that dirt is waiting for in the corner…ha ha. It was always waiting for him….no more though 😉 I just make sure to keep it charged, and it’s always ready when I need it.

I bought my Dustbuster on Cleantech Cloths

Verimark Microwiz Cleantech Cloths

The Verimark Cleantech Cloths are extra thick for extra absorption and can be used wet or dry. You also don’t have to use chemicals with them, they work effectively with even just water! These are also suitable for all surfaces.

I think these are really great quality cloths, and for the price you can’t go wrong with these. I use blue for the loo and green for the kitchen. The grey I use as my polish cloths. I highly recommend these. Verimark also has a newer set of cloths for specific cleaning activities (i.e. windows and glass cloth, bathroom, polishing, etc.) that I am quite keen to try out as well.

The Microwiz Cleantech Cloths retail for R100 for 10 cloths and are available at all leading Verimark stockists.Astonish

Astonish Mold & Mildew Stain Blaster

Blasts away mould & mildew in minutes. No scrubbing required. Simply spray, leave and wipe clean. Leaves surfaces hygienically clean. The active formula helps prevent the return of mould, giving you a long lasting cleaning solution. Ideal for use on walls, uPVC window frames, glass, plastic shower curtains, bathroom tiles, grout, silicone sealant, concrete, sinks and plugholes.

Guys, this stuff is AMAZING! I have a problem on my ceiling in my bathroom with mould and I just sprayed this stuff one day….not really thinking it through, just as a test. Everywhere that the product touched, it cleared all the mould, without so much as a rub or anything. Even better, since that day (months ago!), no mould has returned! I need to finish the ceiling, because I was just testing the product, so I have all these clear spots where I sprayed and some mould around it where I didn’t. *insert face palm moment*

That’s it for my top 5 cleaning products at the moment! Let me know what makes your daily cleaning easier, whether products, appliances, books, etc. I’m always keen to try new cleaning products!

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