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Logitech MK295 Silent Wireless Combo Review

Anybody still living the ‘Work-from-home‘ life? I am…..and even though some days can be absolutely exhausting, I much rather prefer it that driving to the office everyday and wasting 1.5hrs in traffic! How do you feel about working from home vs working at the office? As I go into my 3rd year of working from home (I can’t even believe that!), I am trying to make my office space as comfortable and efficient as possible. Whether it’s adding some pot plants, stationery holders, etc…..I want it to feel like my office away from my office….you know? I was recently sent the Logitech MK295 Wireless combo to review and I was quite excited to add this to my office space!

What is the MK295 Silent Wireless Combo?

  • MK295 Silent Wireless Combo is a durable and comfortable keyboard and mouse featuring new proprietary SilentTouch technology that removes 90 percent of typing and clicking noises.
  • The full size keyboard offers a spill-proof design, durable keys and sturdy tilt legs with adjustable height for an extra layer of utility and comfort.
  • Its 36-month battery life reduces the hassle of changing batteries, so you can continue working with lag-free wireless ease.
  • The comfortable and compact mouse features a contoured shape with smooth, precise clicking and pointing, all delivered to you silently. Along with an 18-month battery life, the mouse includes on and off switches so it’s ready to work when you are.
  • The combo retails for R799.00

My Thoughts

The keyboard is full sized and also has foldable tilt legs, so you can choose to have it flat or slightly raised. There is a number pad, as well as quite a few shortcut options on the keyboard. The battery life is a whopping 36 months!! So, initially I had claimed this set as my own, but seeing as my son is a gamer, always on his keyboard, I thought perhaps he’d appreciate having a wireless keyboard and boy was he excited! When Logitech claims that their technology eliminates up to 90% of noise, they really mean it.  Before, I could hear him hitting those keys on his keyboard from the next room, but now it’s honestly silence!! You won’t believe how appreciative my ears are 🙂 The keyboard is also apparently spill proof….I am pretty sure that this claim is accurate, because I know my boys are forever spilling their drinks on the desk. This may be the best selling point yet if you have kids!

The mouse is also pretty silent and a nice size. I also think it’s comfortable (due to its contoured shape) with a great battery life, around 18 months, which is pretty impressive.

For the price, quality and the fact that both products are basically silent, I think this is a great combination for the work desk, or the gaming desk 🙂 I spotted this combo on sale on Takealot.com 😉

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*Disclaimer: The Logitech MK295 Combo was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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