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Great Toy Ideas for kids!

So who is excited about the school holidays?? *Simone raises hand* I literally cannot wait to NOT have to wake up at 5:45am and make 107 lunchboxes in the morning. These 3 weeks are honestly something my soul is going to cherish! However, with long holidays, come great expectations….. Expectations to be entertained, to be fed, to not be bored….etc….etc. Sometimes we get the boys a toy or reward for a good report, so these may also some in handy. Today I’ve rounded up some great toy ideas and games that may make the holidays a little bit easier 😉

Imaginext Jurassic World Toys

I am surrounded by kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs! My youngest son LOVES a dinosaur toy and then my 5yr old nephew probably knows every dinosaur name that once existed on this planet! This toy range was created with them in mind! Young dinosaur lovers can create their own action-packed adventures with the Imaginext Jurassic World figurines. Each dinosaur has it’s own action, with a button that will activate whatever their feature is. Kids can slide a button to change eyes from calm to angry, then use the tail and trigger to control the action. Some of them chomp, some of them thrash, so there’s lots to keep the kiddo entertained.

Click HERE to see our dinosaur in action on Instagram.

Mega Construx™ Hot Wheels™ Mighty Monster Trucks

I always say that I love a toy that has more than one purpose. These Mega Construx Hot Wheels are great, because the kid has to build the truck before they can play with it. The build-and-play experience helps with developing creativity, fine motor, as well as problem-solving skills. The bricks can also be used with other Mega Construx sets, and is apparently also compatible with other building brick brands. The truck itself is really sturdy and does not fall apart after being built, which I appreciate. The worst thing is a kid building something and the bricks start falling off as soon as the toy is actually constructed.

Click HERE to see Adam put his truck together!



The classic quick-draw game, Pictionary, has been a family favorite since 1985. You don’t need to be an artist, all you have to be is up for some serious fun and laughs. 200 clue cards ensures a different game every time.  Pictionary™ includes 2 erasable markers, 2 erasable boards for drawing and fun clue categories like ‘Pop Culture.’ Great for game night for players 8 years and older.

This version of Pictionary is so fun and quick! We randomly pull it out when we’re sitting in the lounge, just start drawing and the whole family tries to guess. Our drawing skills are horrific, but we have so much laughter with this one. Great for the kids to also entertain themselves and practice their drawing skills. I really like that there are erasable boards, which is kinder to the environment, versus the use of paper.

Click HERE to get a feel of the game.

Let me know what you do to survive the school holidays and which of these you think your kids would enjoy 😉

All these Great Toy Ideas are available at leading toy retailers. 


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