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4 Tips to help you Save for your home renovations

A friend once told me: ‘Live in your new house for 6 months before you do any renovations.‘ Great advice, if you’ll actually even have money for said home renovations after 6 months! We’ve been in our ‘fixer upper’ for a decade now, with no renovations in sight…. We have a bunch of kids, something is always breaking, so there’s never money or a clear plan for these home renovation dreams of mine. However….I have decided that 2023 is the year that we gain some momentum with our plans! Today I’ll share some tips on how I plan to get there.

1. Create a list

First have a clear list of goals with the top 3 home renovations that you want to tackle first. Simple enough right? For me it wasn’t….because if it were up to me, I’d gut my house and start from scratch! Seeing as I don’t have that kind of budget though, I need to prioritise what we want to do first.

2. Create a budget

Do your homework as to what each of your projects will cost and create a budget. Calculate what you’ll need, price your fittings and also consider a small % of your budget going to waste and offcuts as well.

3. Open up a designated savings account

Having a seperate savings account will help you be less tempted to access those funds! It will also motivate you to see your funds grow as you get closer to your goal. Home renovation

4. Recycle what you can to save costs

One man’s junk is another mans’ treasure! A few years ago, out of necessity, we were redoing the kitchen in our flatlet, but truthfully, we didn’t have the funds for it. A friend was redoing her kitchen and the stars and timing aligned where we could reuse her discarded kitchen cupboards…..all still in perfect condition. In a similar vein, reuse what you can in your own house and keep an eye out for friends discarding items that you can use.

So now you’ve reached your savings goal and you’re ready to get your home renovation on…..so you need some contractors with references right? Let me introduce you to Kandua.com, everything you need on one website ūüėČ

Who is Kandua?

Kandua.com¬†is South Africa’s #1 online marketplace for home services. It’s the hassle-free way to find a pro you can really trust. With more than 30 000 vetted pros who are skilled at over 100 services, you can use¬†Kandua¬†to get anything done from emergency fixes to large scale renovations.¬†Kandua¬†was started with the mission to shorten the distance between having a skill and making a living from it, helping small businesses and independent professionals to get connected to people who need their expertise. Every¬†Kandua¬†pro has verified reviews from previous customers and photos of their work on their profile. To get connected to a pro near you, simply answer a few questions about the work you need done on¬†Kandua.com and up to 5 pros will contact you with a quote within minutes.

Let me know in the comments if you have any home renovations planned in the near future!

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Venean

    Whilst renting currently I soooo much loved making little changes in my previous home because every little bit makes a difference. This is some great advice re stay in your new home for 6months…

    Definitely something I’ll bookmark for when I get to renovation stage again!

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