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Hush Puppies School – The best school shoes for your kid!

Happy New Year folks! Just like that, it’s 2023! I found 2022 to be such a difficult year and I’m ready to jump into a, hopefully, better 2023….and if I’m wearing comfortable shoes, even better 😉 So…back to school…..are you ready??? I was recently afforded the opportunity to try out the new school shoe range from Hush Puppies and I immediately said yes! The Hush Puppies brand is synonymous with comfort, so to find out that they have a school shoe range really got me excited for my kids….and their feet!

What is the Hush Puppies School range about?

Here at Hush Puppies, we make it our mission to ensure first-class comfort from classroom to playground. Our quality school shoes are fitted with all of the essential features for a full day of class and play. 

What makes a good school shoe?

1. Comfort is key

Our kids are at school for 6 plus hours a day, sitting, playing, walking, so I always want to ensure that they are comfortable. Their shoes need to have padding around the ankle and they need to be wide enough for broader little feet. Comfort and support will ensure that your little one does not battle with any problems that ill fitting shoes can cause later in life.

2. Easy to use

My youngest son is still not able to tie his laces, so I wish that when he started grade 1 there was an option for school shoes with velcro straps. They do drama and music, and remove their shoes….then a friend has to help him get his shoes back on. So velcro straps are definitely a winner for little kids.

In the absence of velcro straps, are the shoes easy to slip on and off? The opening needs to be wide enough so that kids are not struggling to get their shoes in and out.

3. Flexibility 

As I said, kids are at school, playing and walking, the shoes need to be flexible and soft enough for them to do so. While they need to be soft, the soles need to be nice and thick and provide enough support, while still being flexible.

Hush Puppies School

Does the Hush Puppies School range tick all the boxes?

There are so many things that impress me about the Hush Puppies School range that it’s difficult for me to choose only one thing! They are so comfortable and so soft with the memory foam padded innersoles, but also with sturdy, durable soles. The cushioning around the back of the ankle ensure that your child won’t have any chaffing and cuts, which hurt like crazy when you have to wear those shoes daily! Also, as they are made with genuine leather*, Hush Puppies School shoes also ensure that their shoes are breathable, keeping little feet cool, even on hot days. The non-slip soles will also ensure to minimise those unnecessary slips and trips 😉

Personally, I have always tried to get my kids the most comfortable shoes that I can afford….heck, even can’t afford. I have seen adults with terrible feet issues, due to ill-fitting shoes…and I believe this starts at school. In October last year, one of my kids needed new school shoes….I was so broke, but there was no way they could wear their shoes for one more day. Still, I spent close to R500 on the shoes I felt were the best suited (at the time) to ensuring comfort for my child. I wish I’d known about the Hush Puppies School range back then!

Sneakers too?

Yes, the school shoe range also includes sneakers and I think they’re so stylish and cute, while not sacrificing on comfort. The range includes shoes for boys and girls, sneakers in black and white and school shoes with velcro, laces and buckles.

Joshua said the sneakers and the school shoes feels very light on his feet and they’re definitely the most comfortable shoes he’s ever worn. So there you have it….out of the mouth of an 11yr old 😉

Hush Puppies SchoolYou can shop the Hush Puppies School shoe range over HERE.

* The shoes do not contain pigskin. 

**Hush Puppies sent us school shoes and sneakers to test the range, but this review is 100% voluntary and all my opinions are my own. I just felt that the range is so amazing, I wanted to get the word out. 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!

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  • Vee

    Wow! These sound amazing! Just had a look at the website because Grade 1 and grade 11… School shopping never ends apparently.

    I looove the velcro idea for school shoes sooo practical. And the idea of the best comfort especially for little kids who never wear shoes! I didn’t see brown shoes for little boys but I’ll have a proper look tomorrow again. I’m still on the search for Daniel’s school shoes… Emilie may need replacing soon too.

    Thanks for the review post and introduction.

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