• Hair,  Secret Box

    #RBSecretBox 26 Unboxing

    I’ve been waiting for the Secret Box to launch this month as I noticed I’m running low on hair care products. What I love about the secret box is that it makes high end hair products available to us at…

  • Essence,  Favourites,  Hair,  Make up and beauty

    June Favourites

    When I saw a blogger posting her June Favourites on Friday I was thinking, um somebody’s early…….then it hit me, nope, it really is already July and June is finished, kaput, gone! How insane is that?? I had to scramble…

  • Hair,  Uncategorized

    Unboxing the #RBsecretbox

    Who doesn’t like surprises? I sure do. So when Retailbox releases a new secret box I go bananas. Out of 25 boxes, I have probably purchased 15 of them. They are incredible value for money and have exposed me to…

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