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Are you doing your part to save water?

No make up talks today gal....We have something serious we need to chat about! South Africa is going through a very real drought situation at the moment. The devestating #KnysnaFires and #PEFires a week ago only added to the gravity of the situation, placing an enormous strain on our already low water reserves. So I… Continue reading Are you doing your part to save water?

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Friday Favourite – Easy contouring

For a while now I've wanted to start a 'series' where I'd share my favourite You Tube video of the moment/week/month, because heaven knows....I watch A LOT of YouTube videos! Any spare moment I have, I'm on YouTube. My kids will testify to this, because we're constantly fighting about who is making whose videos stream/buffer… Continue reading Friday Favourite – Easy contouring

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Next level gifts from Typo this Father’s day <3

You gals know that I absolutely LOVE Typo. These days they are my number 1 stop for buying gifts that I feel just have that personal touch and there's just something a little extra about Typo gifts. So we have Father's day coming up in June, and Typo has got something for the gents too,… Continue reading Next level gifts from Typo this Father’s day

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New products I’ve bought

I need something catchy to title these 'new products I've bought' posts. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment down below 😉 I've tried to cut down on purchases, because I'm so restrained and I know my limits when it comes to my makeup spending  broke! I have my box subscriptions so when… Continue reading New products I’ve bought

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My monkeys, my circus – Life with my kids

You know the saying....'The more the merrier'?  We throw a party and think...the more people we invite, the better it will be! #Whoop #PartyVibes What ends up happening? More people...more problems, more drama....  Staying on the party train analogy, having's kind of like a never ending party. You know the one where you're the… Continue reading My monkeys, my circus – Life with my kids

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My top concealing mistakes

I don't think there's anything worse than spending an hour plus on your makeup, and looking in the mirror to see you're so creased under your eyes! It's my pet peeve, especially considering that I seem to think that I don't have a bad creasing issue naturally (yet) under my eyes. Urgh.....  It's been trial… Continue reading My top concealing mistakes