• Blue Moon
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    Blue Moon, by Lee Child {Book Review}

    Another Friday, taking me closer to the December shut down! Guys, I am barely hanging on at this stage! Just me? One thing I am super excited about in December, besides my son’s 8th birthday, my own birthday and Christmas….is…

  • Book Reviews

    Elevator Pitch, by Linwood Barclay

    Do any of you have any phobias? I am extremely claustrophobic…..so as a result, elevators are quite an ordeal for me. Where possible, I’ll rather walk. Once I climbed 14 flights of stairs to an interview. Nothing better than arriving…

  • Now You See Her Book Review
    Book Reviews,  New Post

    Now You See Her {Book Review}

    It’s so exciting to know I have book reviews lined up for weeks ahead of time, versus frantically trying to read a book finished on Thursday evening, hoping to get a post up for #BookReviewFriday. I know I have a…

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