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Clarins Double Serum {Review}

I'm so excited to be doing this review!!!! You will recall I picked up a sample of the Clarins Double Serum a few months ago and I blogged about it here (and it also featured in my recent 'top picks of 2017' post over here). I was really impressed with the results after finishing the sample,… Continue reading Clarins Double Serum {Review}

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Winter skincare must haves

I realise that technically Winter is no more, but the chilly weather does last until at least October, so hopefully this post still adds some value to your life at this point. In Summer (can you just hear Olaf in the background?) I am basically a walking oil slick. Come Winter, things change and our… Continue reading Winter skincare must haves

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It’s easy to be BEAUTIFUL with The Beautiful Store

A few weeks back I stumbled upon The Beautiful store via The Blessed Barrenness. I signed up and I was quite excited, because they had a wide variety of products that I wanted to try out. The only problem was #BrokeLife, so I anxiously waited for pay-day to come around so I could place my first… Continue reading It’s easy to be BEAUTIFUL with The Beautiful Store