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Chelsea Boutique Brow Kit {Review}

If there's one thing you could not leave home without doing (in terms of your beauty game), what would it be? For me, it's my brows. They are embarrassing, unruly and patchy! I usually travel with tinted brow gel and a spoolie in my bag for those days I'm rushing to the shop, so I… Continue reading Chelsea Boutique Brow Kit {Review}

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I ♡ Makeup palettes {Review}

A few months ago it was my life's mission to own a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I have seen so many bloggers and vloggers using it, talking about the amazing chocolate scent....the colour selection, the quality.... I sooooo badly wanted one. For the most part I wanted to sniff this chocolate scented makeup...I mean...chocolate… Continue reading I ♡ Makeup palettes {Review}

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June Favourites

When I saw a blogger posting her June Favourites on Friday I was thinking, um somebody's early.......then it hit me, nope, it really is already July and June is finished, kaput, gone! How insane is that?? I had to scramble a bit to narrow down my June favorites, but I think this is a fair… Continue reading June Favourites