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Too Faced Chocolate Bar review and dupe

Firstly, happy 2017 to everybody! I hope you all had a lovely festive season with your nearest and dearest <3 I cannot believe that 2016 flew by so fast! My older 2 kids started Gr. 3 and Gr. R yesterday and I just feel as if I'm going to blink and this year will be… Continue reading Too Faced Chocolate Bar review and dupe

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Using the Rafflecopter widget

Okay guys, so I'm getting a lot of entries that are either not registering, or they're registering and the entry isn't valid. Let me know if this mini tutorial helps. I deleted the mention of clicking on the Rafflecopter link and perhaps that caused the confusion, so I apologise. Firstly in the giveaway post, there… Continue reading Using the Rafflecopter widget

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I ♡ Makeup palettes {Review}

A few months ago it was my life's mission to own a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I have seen so many bloggers and vloggers using it, talking about the amazing chocolate scent....the colour selection, the quality.... I sooooo badly wanted one. For the most part I wanted to sniff this chocolate scented makeup...I mean...chocolate… Continue reading I ♡ Makeup palettes {Review}