Weaning a kid sucks! {#MomDiaries}

On Friday the 13th of October, I took the decision to wean Adam off his bottle. A very 'carpe deim' sort of decision I made in the moment. He had turned 2 in August, and is around the same age (maybe a smidgen older) than his siblings were when I weaned them. With him being… Continue reading Weaning a kid sucks! {#MomDiaries}


When you’re not on the same page about discipline

My son, Joshua, walked into the room crying a few weeks ago. Not happy with the punishment dished out by dad. He was crying, so I tried to comfort him (big NO NO I know!). I asked what the nature of the offence was and he told me that he and his sister had been… Continue reading When you’re not on the same page about discipline

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K53 Pre-trip inspection -Toddler Edition

If you have your driver's licence, you know what K53 is right? I am so glad I did it all those years ago, because I definitely do a pre-inspection trip every single time before I drive. NOT. Who uses that stuff? It's like memorising math formulas and knowing algebra, when do we ever need to… Continue reading K53 Pre-trip inspection -Toddler Edition