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Slay all day Setting Spray {Review}

It’s day 4 of the week-long facial spray review week collaboration with Yolanda! If you missed yesterday’s post, you can check it out HERE. Today’s spray is one that I always spotted the You Tube beauty gurus raving about…The Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray! I mean, the name alone is already quite catchy! So many of the You Tubers were spritzing this stuff, and I am already such an easy sell. I NEEDED this spray! My cousin lives in the UK and she was coming to SA, so I ordered it and she brought it with her on her SA trip.

What is the Slay All Day Spray about?

Lock in your makeup look and look flawless for hours with our cooling, oil control mist that increases the look and longevity of your makeup.

Packaging and cost

This spray comes in about 11 different scented variants. I picked this up in the Coconut scented one, because I love coconut scented everything! This spray comes in a frosted plastic bottle and you get 100mls of liquid for $22 off Beauty Bay (where I purchased it). I have looked online, but I can’t seem to find a reseller in South Africa for this spray. If anybody knows of one, let me know and I can update the post.  

My experience

Day 1

You know the drill for day 1, I am using the same foundation and primer everyday. Foundation is the L’Oreal Infallible 24hr foundation and primer is the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start primer.  The mist on this isn’t as soft as the original MAC Fix plus, but it’s not bad. A bit more aggressive, but won’t leave you with rain droplets on your face. Also the scent is divine… it’s fresh and coco-nutty, not artificial smelling, so it’s like a spritz of Summer on your face.  I sprayed the right side of my face with the Slay all Day Setting Spray and sprayed nothing on the left side.

2hrs in, the makeup is sitting on the skin on left side, whereas on right side it’s more ‘one with the skin’. My makeup is definitely more vibrant on the right side and I feel that the left side is more one-dimensional. I did note that my pores seem more visible on the right side. It’s ever so slight, but the foundation and primer did a good job with blurring my pores, so it’s not anything super noticeable. My skin does seem more textured on the sprayed side as well.

I wore this makeup for about 10-11hrs and by 6pm, the makeup on both sides look good and wore well throughout the day. With regards to oil…I felt both sides looked the same by the 10hr mark.

Day 2

I used the same foundation as day 1, but used the Hean Makeup Base as my primer and I sprayed the left half of my face this time.

4hrs in the makeup on the left side looks flawless and airbrushed. My pores less noticeable on the sprayed side as well.

7hrs in my makeup on the left side still looks pretty darn good. There is oil peeping through on my forehead, but the left side (unsprayed) definitely has more oil than the side that I sprayed.

I removed my makeup around the 11hr mark and I thought it looked pretty good. The side I sprayed, my eyeshadow was popping a bit more, whereas the unsprayed side had lost a little bit of vibrancy. I was still quite matte, except for the oil peeping through on my forehead. I asked my husband (without him knowing about my experiment) which side looked better and he said the left side. 

Day 2 I feel, with the change in primer, has given me a better experience with this spray. I’m genuinely loving the sprayed side today!

Would I recommend this spray?

If you can get your hands on it, I’d say yes. I however have not found a local reseller for this spray, so it would be a bit of a mission to acquire. With customs and shipping fees, this would just be so expensive, then I’d rather recommend the MAC Fix + Matte spray to you. The MAC spray performed similarly and it’s locally available. This spray really didn’t rock my world on day 1 of my experiment, but changing the primer changed my feelings. I think that’s important to note that a primer can also change the way your makeup performs. So bear that in mind if I hate a spray you love or vice versa. Changing the primer can change my whole opinion!

Have you tried any of the Slay All Day setting sprays? Let me know in the comments! Let’s head over to Yolanda’s post now to read her review on the MAC Gold Lite spray!! I am so excited about this review!!

NOTE: I have oily skin, but in Winter my skin tends to be a bit drier. Added to this I am using Retinol now as well, so my skin definitely is not as oily as it can be. These sprays could possibly perform differently in Summer when oil production is in full swing, so please bear that in mind with all the reviews this week. 

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